LocalitiesLaunceston City
Type AreaCamira Street Dam, Alanvale
Grid Reference41° 23’ 06.54” S; 147° 06’ 35.75” E; Elevation 17m ASL
Geology Sheet 1:25 000 Prospect (Forsyth and Calver 2005)
Confidence LevelHigh
Land Salinity
Salt Export
Water Salinity


The Alanvale Hydrogeological Landscape (HGL) is characterised by a series of north-west south-east trending fault blocks that step down to the south-west. The HGL islocated east of the Tamar River in north-east Launceston. This is an area of moderate  rainfall (680 mm). It is similar in structure and rock type to the West Tamar HGL but because the faults are subvertical in this area, the fault steps do not appear to tilt back in the upslope direction as much as they do on the other side of the Tamar River. There is a relatively thick regolith mantle over most of this landscape, with generally less exposed in situ dolerite. To the south west of this HGL there are preserved terrace landforms (e.g. Mowbray).

Typical lithologies for this HGL are deeply weathered Jurassic dolerite and fractured Jurassic dolerite, with minor weathered basalt on some hill crests.

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