LocalitiesLaunceston City
Type AreaDavid Street, East Launceston
Grid Reference41° 26’ 40.17” S; 147° 09’ 15.24” E; Elevation 50m ASL
Geology Sheet 1:25 000 Launceston (Calver and Forsyth 2005)
Confidence LevelHigh
Land Salinity
Salt Export
Water Salinity


The East Launceston Hydrogeological Landscape (HGL) is characterised by a terraced landscape stepping down to the North Esk River in the east. The HGL is located east of the CBD of Launceston, on the eastern side of the ridge defining the boundary with the City East HGL. This is an area of moderate rainfall (680 mm). This HGL forms a stepped low hill and rise landscape between High Street and the North Esk HGL.

Typical lithologies for this HGL are deeply weathered sedimentary rocks. The landscape consists of an arcuate ridge with moderate to steep slopes below the ridge crest and a terraced landscape to the east.

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