LocalitiesWest Tamar
Type AreaWindsor Park, Riverside
Grid Reference41° 24’ 08.97” S; 147° 05’ 33.84” E Elevation 7m ASL
Geology Sheet 1:25 000 Prospect (Forsyth and Calver 2005)
Confidence LevelHigh
Land Salinity
Salt Export
Water Salinity


The East Riverside Hydrogeological Landscape (HGL) is characterised by low plains and terrace landforms adjacent to the Tamar Estuary. The HGL is located west of the Tamar River in Launceston. This is an area of moderate rainfall (680 mm). It forms a low-lying area that is strongly influenced by Quaternary to Recent processes of the Tamar Estuary.

Typical lithologies for this HGL are terrace deposits and Quaternary to Recent poorly-consolidated clayey silt, silt, sand and some gravel. The landscape consists of low plains and terrace landforms (<15m).

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