LocalitiesHadspen, Meander Valley
Type AreaMain Street, Hadspen
Grid Reference41° 30’ 23.84” S; 147° 03’ 43.53” E Elevation 146m ASL
Geology Sheet 1:25 000 Prospect (Forsyth and Calver 2005)
Confidence LevelHigh
Land Salinity
Salt Export
Water Salinity


The Hadspen Hydrogeological Landscape (HGL) underlies Hadspen township, east and south of a bend in the South Esk River, with moderate rainfall (680 mm). This HGL has preserved Quaternary alluvial sediments forming plains and terraces overlying weathered dolerite. In the west localised lenses of windblown sand sit on top of the alluvial sediments.

The landscape consists of low hills and rises with relatively flat upper surfaces and moderately to gently inclined slopes; and alluvial plains of the South Esk River up to 50 m wide.

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