LocalitiesLaunceston City
Type AreaWaverley, St Leonards
Grid Reference41° 26’ 04.11” S; 147° 11’ 07.94” E; Elevation 59m ASL
Geology Sheet 1:25 000 Launceston (Forsyth and Calver 2005)
Confidence LevelHigh
Land Salinity
Salt Export
Water Salinity


The St Leonards Hydrogeological Landscape (HGL) is underlain by a series of north-west southeast trending fault blocks that step down to the south-west as observed further north, but this HGL is more dissected and has a variably preserved regolith veneer, so the fault steps are less apparent in the landscape. It is located east of the North Esk River in eastern Launceston. This is an area of moderate rainfall (680 mm). It is similar in structure and rock type to the Ravenswood HGL but is more dissected and has high level paleo-land surfaces preserved in the south. There is a relatively thick regolith mantle over the higher plains in this landscape, with more eroded sections along streamlines.

Typical lithologies for this HGL are deeply weathered Jurassic dolerite and fractured Jurassic dolerite with remnant alluvial terraces (paleo-land surfaces) preserved at 20m, 25-40m and 70m above sea level and possibly higher, and localised basalt lavas capping ridge crests.

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